Behind the Scenes ~ Makers Studio in a School Bus

November 08, 2019 4 Comments

Behind the Scenes ~ Makers Studio in a School Bus

Ever wonder what it’s like running Moon.Flower.Child?  Wonder what the Behind the scenes of a makers space look like and how it works?

This month Im diving deep with you all into my little teeny tiny workshop/studio/HQ.  For my business there’s so much BTS that you probably never knew or thought existed. So I wanted to continue sharing what happens to keep this little business a float with inventory stocked, orders shipped, and the overall day to day life of this hustle!

So let’s start with the product and move to the administration.  From jewelry to apothecary to screen print T-Shirts/hoodies, I have slowly become a maker and designer of so many different things.  I left my seamstress days behind me, simply because working with fabric requires space, requires large tables, requires storage of fabric ~ all of which were things that the bus could not offer me with.  I have learnt to grow and evolve with my business and let it flourish as it is. 

The Apothecary

As I have shared with you all before, everything is made in small batches ~ This is for a couple of space & quality control.  I carry a drawer full of essential oils, powders, herbs, dried flowers, vessels and all that I need to be able to keep up with the in house line for Moon.Flower.Child self care products.  I have been fine tuning recipes and developing products that are what I use on a daily basis.  I am by no means an experienced herbalist, but I know what I like and what I want when it comes to product to put on our bodies.  I keep it simple and minimal letting the blends work their magic. I use the kitchen as my workspace when mixing oils pouring lip balms etc. 

Not only is there the making of product, but designing of labels.  The photo below is of an old label that is due to be updated

With each stage of growth you begin to see noticeable improvements of branding, packaging and all that goes into the creation of a "Product".  Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop are what I use to design & create the branding for a product ~ the first impression of an item.

The Jewelry Bench

This one is fun.  But also strangely bitter sweet.  I love making jewelry, and it is or rather has become a new venture that I found myself fascinated by when I was pregnant with Azalea. 

I learnt how to metalsmith and bought the basic tools and built myself a workbench. Ey Presto a workbench and space to create high end jewelry was manifested. 

The struggle that I am having with making jewelry is that I can never seem to find myself the time to sit and create. Working with fire and being in such a small space, I prefer to make jewelry when Azalea and Justin are out exploring and I have the space to myself. 

Its loud to hammer and it’s a craft that I love to have personal time to project my energy into. With that said, it does mean that this little space hasn’t been used as much as it deserves. Nonetheless, it’s not worth skipping over and definitely a part of my “HQ” that I want to share with you all.  

Hand drawn/Digital Art

This one is probably the most convenient as far as space conservation, especially living small.  Designs for these t-shirts, tote bags and clothing pieces in general start by a hand drawing from a sketchbook.  They are digitally manipulated and touched up to have clean lines and be made symmetrical ~ because I’m all about balance! 

From there they are coloured, and uploaded to the style/article of clothing and set in its place. I don’t carry the inventory for these items as they are drop-shipped and made to order from the Printful warehouse.  I have talked about this one project in the past, and like many projects it’s one that has yet to be finished, but is constantly in the back of my mind to be finished...a colouring book. A meditative book to draw whilst listening to music, taking time to be an introvert and turn inwards with your thought...AHHHHHH I cant wait to finish this project.  Perhaps Xmas 2020?! Will you all hold me accountable :)



This is key!  I have written an entire Packaging & Shipping blog post so feel free to read more on the specifics when it comes to the materials used.  With Moon.Flower.Child being an online business shipping is so important, each Monday, Wednesday & Friday I set up a Pack & Ship station to send out your orders. 

Per each order I take the time to wrap up your goods in recycled tissue paper, write a personal note, weigh the package, and purchase a shipping label. Labels are printed and attached to packages and a trip to the local post office is in order. 

From there I send boxes, parcels and all shapes and sizes of packages ~ Bid them farewell and shed gratitude onto all of the days that my bag is full of orders :)


This one is huge.  Now that we are full time on the road I have been able to transition completely to selling online rather than the man hours that it takes to set up and break down a booth at market (which btw are ridiculously expensive!). 

So with that said, it means that I have been on my computer much more, setting up Mailchimp campaigns, taking time to write these blog posts, sharing on Insta Stories, hosting events, sharing on Facebook, well the list could go on.  All that hard work is to reach you all ~ let you know Moon.Flower.Child exists and share our message with the world. The biggest piece of this puzzle has been YouTube. Thanks to you all I have been able to connect with you via video to share my life, my family, my daily routines and so much more including a lot of the behind the scene glimpses of running M.F.C.  So be sure to check that out, and please do share what you want to see more of when it comes to business related videos ~ Inspiration is always appreciated :)

Website Management

With an effort to constantly keep things fresh & exciting I’m always updating, changing, and re-conceptualizing the shopping experience.  I want the website to be a therapeutic place to browse product that is photographed as though the items are art. Its import for me that Beauty be a part of our visual daily stimulation and I want my website to be orgasmic :) 

So First off the photos and set design of each of the listings is so important, from there, the images are edited in Adobe Lightroom and uploaded to the website for the listings.  I have a preset to expedite the process, but in some instances I have to edit photos individually so that the settings are appropriate to each image.

The items are priced, weighed, categorized and saved to be available to purchase on all platforms (Website/Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook).  Discount codes are created, blog posts are written, new listings are created, old listings are deleted, items are marked on sale, collections are created and set up on navigation to be visible online...I could seriously go on & on & on, but you get the idea.

And before I continue to ramble…

I am sure that there’s more that I am missing, but for now let’s leave it at that.  Plenty more months to write blog posts to share with you all ~ Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions or thoughts on this one. 

And until next month 

Be well beautiful Moon.Children of the world.

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Grace Calloway
Grace Calloway

March 05, 2020

I’ve enjoyed being a part of your life…You guys make it so easy to live life through you…
I too am an artist my passion is wood working and glass art from my kiln…
My dream is to have a creative bus…
I so enjoy you all…Take and stay safe…Love you!!!🧡🧡🧡


December 13, 2019

I follow you from Italy!!!
Love what you do for living , how you do that! Love you guys .

Jenn Taylor
Jenn Taylor

December 10, 2019

I love seeing this! I’ve followed the family via YT and so enjoy watching what you guys are doing!


November 10, 2019

I’m addicted to the pop rocks!

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