Durham Co Op

March 30, 2017

Durham Co Op

The Durham Co Op event was such a blast!  I woke up that morning feeling a little more sniffly in the nose and soar in the body then the day before.  But being your own business owner you have to set yourself business ethics that you then share with others by having a certain reputation.  So regardless of being slightly poorly, there's no opportunity to take off work especially if you've already marketed to the public and made that commitment to be a part of an event.


I zoomed over to the spot and at first tried to parallel park between 2 cars.  My skills are on point but even with the bus and the size space it just wasn't going to work out in my favor.  So waited for a few until luckily both cars either side of the bus moved out of the way.  Once Im all parked up and stationary its time to unload the chaos from inside the bus to set it all up and make it the home away from home that it is.

This trip was an interesting learning experience for me to know how to handle when lots of children come and pay you a visit.  Of course they want to see what was in the bus which by all means (all are welcome), but with kids....they touch everything!  A simple reminder of what to touch and what not to touch and that there are fragile pieces is an easy way to let them know I don't mind them looking but only touch if absolutely necessary.  I know when I was that young the concept of merchandising was information I had not learned about.  What it takes to lay out a pair of earrings a certain way with a certain display takes time and adds to the appeal for the customer when shopping.  Before the bus it took about 2 hours on my own to set up my tent just the way I had envisioned it to be, but with the bus its a little more efficient, but still takes time.  I have such an appreciation for stores that stay clean and tidy as well as organized.  It makes the shopping experience more pleasant and less stressful.  I have learned from all my retail experience that this is something that I wanted to bring forward into my business standards.  Once the bus gets slow and there's space for me to roam around, I straighten everything out once again.  For every customer that comes onto my bus I want it to be a clean, organized good smelling space that makes you excited to begin looking around at what Moon.Flower.Child has to offer. 

After a long day, the sun began to set and it was time to pack up.  On the way home she almost didn't start, which worried me that I would be stuck at the Co Op taking up 3 of their prime spaces...but eventually got her going.  Generally the engine needs time to warm up and starts on the 2nd try.  Got good vibes on my side XOX

Each time I take the bus out as I always say is such a great learning experience.  I really do enjoy taking the bus out on the road.  Overall I had a blast at the Co Op and definitely enjoyed myself a $3 vegan mac & cheese with tomato soup on the side for my well deserved dinner <3

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