Essences ~ Moon By Moon Apothecary

March 10, 2020

Essences ~ Moon By Moon Apothecary

Alright’s the new year and as we all know, since I so publicly shared with you all my intentions for this year that one of my goals for Moon.Flower.Child was to bring on new vendors each month.  To explore consignment and also buy more goods wholesale ~ to continue supporting the local community of makers that I’m surrounded by in my life.  

This month’s new maker is Moon By Moon Apothecary.  Channelle, a beautiful soul based here in North Carolina is the herbalist powerhouse behind this brand.  She calls herself a "Flower Essence Devotee, an Intuitive Herbalist, Poet & Sound Maker "

She creates intuitive, potent, plant-based medicines made in small batches out of her Herbal Cottage in North Carolina.

What the fudge is an essence?!

(note my now attempt to sensor my language thanks to my little nugget growing is likely fudge may be one of her first words lol)

Things to Know:
  • These have little to no scent if any it will be a brandy scent.
  • These gentle remedies have profound effects on the spirit, emotional body, & on overall well-being.
  • They are wonderful companions & are so unique to each individual.
  • Incorporating essences into your day to day rhythms & rituals, will help to shift your inner landscape, providing a sense of serenity & will encourage a re-patterning of limiting perceptions

  • Each essence is bottled with 50% water + 50% brandy unless otherwise noted
  • They may be taken internally or used externally: play around with them, because of their intuitive nature, most people find the best way to use them is by experimenting.

  Bottled with love & intention


So lets talk about what is available in our boutique.  We have 2 options available in kits as well as individually if only one is your calling.  Blossom & Crystal Essences :)

Crystal Essences

gems & stones give us the beautiful medicine of structure & of deep grounding. they often times work on slow, subtle, & deep levels inside of us---things buried within our subconscious & at the very core of our being. because stones are formed within the earth, these essences help us to connect to the earth of ourselves as well as the earth at large. they are wonderful teachers of time, patience, place, pattern, the beauty of age, & wisdom of boundaries...



An essence all about clarity: of vision, of mental space, of intention, & of consciousness. like a cool stream, it clears the mind that is foggy, too full, unfocused, or closed off/has a blind spot to the perspectives or experiences of others. helps us to perceive things as they are & builds mental walls up to keep out swarming thoughts thus allowing focused meditation. amethyst keeps our heads cool, calm, & collected allowing for true sight & understanding to emerge from within us: encourages us to envision & realize our dreams




This is a remedy for the feeling of home-sickness. & for the feelings associated with it: wanderlust, or for missing out on something. for that type of feeling you can't quite put your finger on, but that sits in the pit of the gut. helps us to feel at home in the world at large, to appreciate & nourish ourselves/the body we have a home in as well as the physical location we may be in. puts the earth under our feet, settles the stomach, & broadens our perception of home







It is heart medicine & deeply healing---it softens us, yet helps us to have & create strong boundaries. it is patient yet it also pushes us. it teaches us openness, tenderness, & that it is okay to cry. it reaches to our very core, our heart of hearts, & says, "sit, rest awhile, be here, you are safe". it reminds us to exhale, it gently pushes us forward. because it has so many calming, soothing, grounding, & loving qualities to it, i use it for both acute & chronic trauma, to relieve stress, for panic attacks, & as a general panacea for emotional strife




The smokey quartz was washed in sea water & rolled in sand; the jar caught a bit of rain water from the thunderstorm overhead. this essence is about conflict resolution -- helping us to resolve conflict within ourselves &/or with others. it is about balance between the the binaries; about helping us reach equilibrium & to become level with the horizon. it reminds us we need not look so hard/fight too much to see the answer: that even a a glimpse provides us with clarity & knowing. an anchor, a storm, & the calm after it. insight despite the clouds which may be covering. also protective, harmonizing---allows us to do our work under the cover of the smokey veil this stone provides. felt in the torso & the muscles of the lower back





This is an essence of connection of purpose, in communication, & perspective. helps us to make room inside of ourselves to imagine the impossible as possible; that we can create our reality by simply dreaming it. it is both intricate, in the details & expansive: a reminder of the rarity of the planet we live on in the vastness of the universe, as well as the rarity of you living on this singular planet held in the palm of an unfathomable universe. helps us to not take our planet or ourselves for granted: reminds us to cherish the earth we live on & the unique body that you live in. protective, soothing, & full of movement


Blossom Essences




This essence helps us to sweep out our emotional baggage -- it cuts through the tangles, reaching to our depths & even the forgotten places within us: it acts like a broom for our emotional clutter & cobwebs. assists us in seeing patterns that do not serve us & helps us to resolve them. instills patience while we attempt to address & verbalize the emotional vortexes of our past








An essence of speedy repair, growth, renewal, & abundance. this essence is great for when we have done a lot of healing work & need a little push to tie off loose ends of that transformation. it helps us to awaken to ourselves, especially if we have been in a long process of breaking from ingrained patterns or structures that no longer support us







This essence is extremely sensual, in fact, it is all about the senses: it brings a heightened awareness to each of the fives senses (smell, touch, sound, sight, & taste), allowing us to really explore & experience the depth of each in our world. in this way, it also brings us into the present moment, into the nowness. it helps us to be still, to really breathe in & to enjoy the moment: helping those who live in the past or in the possibilities of the future to "be here now." jasmine reminds us that from this place of presence, we can more easily connect with our greater knowing, our instincts, & ultimately, our path




This essence is for veil dancers. it is a connector to the spirit realm: our ancestors, angels, & guides. lifts the veil between the worlds & strengthens our bond to the place beyond. bestows a crown of protection so that we may safely tap into our peripheral consciousness. made with deep veneration for the dead, for that which has passed, & as such pleased use this essence with respect & intention. using it on an altar makes a beautiful offering to the spirit world




An essence all about gentle movement. like a soft nudge, it encourages us to keep going. especially helpful to dislodge any stagnancy/blockages that may be present which contribute to feelings of despondency, sluggishness, & vague depression. because of its affinity for the heart & our internal waterways, it helps us to open up & let our selves shine through. encourages us not to shrink, but to stand present & full in our lives. especially indicated for reflective & introverted types as well as those who are very sensitive or highly attuned---helps these personalities share without feeling afraid or drained. provides a cooling compress to our inner realms & a soothing hand for those who need it




We are not doctors, we do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. These essences were made by Moon by Moon Apothecary, an herbalist & energetic healer, offering support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

⋞ ⋟

So I hope now that you feel you are more enlightened on the topic and have a better understanding to what these vials contain.  As with crystals and the spiritual energy that we omit throughout life, these aid you in that realm of healing...through physical consumption of crystal/blossom essence power we are able to heal our minds and emotions.  This is just the beginning of bringing consumables into the boutique so I hope you are just as excited as I am for whats to come.

Blessed Be.
Until Next time.


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