Fosters Pop Up Shop

March 18, 2017

Fosters Pop Up Shop

Fosters Satruday 18th March
Lets start with ... it was raining.  After trying to start the bus up for a market 2 weeks prior and the battery being dead I was only hoping that not another thing could make this market day one of those cold rainy want to stay at home in bed kind of days.  Thankfully with the new battery Meraki started up as per usual on her 2nd try.  Shes a diesel and so its a first for me to understand another type of engine that differs from my super basic #crv
Finally got her going and took her for a drive down the road with the radio blasting.  Its always fun to see peoples faces in passing cars as I take this crazy coloured bus out for a whirl! That made me smile!
Finally arrived at Fosters Market, which by the by has incredible food, salad bar style and sandwiches galore not to mention the 4 tiered cakes (family style none the less!)  I set up my mannequin and last minute made sign to let all know that I was set up for the afternoon.
The rain was on and off but I got to test out opening the other side of my bus windows where the clothes can be exposed to the outside world, for those that are curious and want to know about the bus but arent quite ready to take that step into the bus.  Im learning that for some you have to let them know that theyre welcome to step on board to looking inside.  The food truck world has made people build relationships with businesses on vehicles but its a new phenomena to be able to enter into my World.On.Wheels.
I met all sorts of new people and especially one family who were interested in the #buslife.  The conversion questions are always what people have a grand curiosity about.  You did this all yourself? Where did you get your wood from? How long did it take? The list could be a mile long, but its great to say that now from experience I can help others to realise their dreams.  Same goes to you...if your curious and have a question or wondering email me...!! or even just inspire me by sharing your pictures <3
I finally got a quality picutre of the inside all set up and took a GoPro video of the bus and a little intro to who I am, my business and what I feel my purpose is as a Moon.Flower.Child. 
So overall, regardless of the rain, I didnt let it get me down and used the day to my advantage.  Another local pop up as a test run and slow build up to the longer haul adventures I have planned for this years festival season. 
Find the bus on the road ~ Check the link in the menu to keep up with the schedule or sign up for email subscriptions to know where to find Moon.Flower.Child
Blessings to all my customers & Gratitude for stopping by XOX

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