Intentions for 2020

January 05, 2020 7 Comments

Intentions for 2020

Trust intuition
Seek simplicity, refine & reinvent
The earth is my body, both are sacred
Live life with purpose, focus on the essential
Do all things with heart
How do I inspire others?

This year I decided to treat myself to a planner by Magic of I that I have had my eye on for a couple of years now, thanks to a friend.  I can honestly say that my first impression is leaving me with more than good juju for the start to the year. I have always wanted to be more connected to the moon, my cycles and just the natural rhythms of this planet and the universe.  So with that I believe I'm in for an exciting start to the new year.

Setting goals, has always been something I’ve tried to do each and every year, I write them down, then lose my paper and all forms of accountability that I would have been able to keep up with for myself.  So this works perfect. I started brainstorming with my sweet hubby, since not only am I an individual, but a wife and now a mother making me a part of a family unit...with that in mind there’s not only goals for me, but for us as a couple and a family.

Setting intentions for the year 2020.  Man, when I say that sentence it scares the shit out of me.  That's a huge mission to set myself goals and hopes, dreams and aspirations, affirmations and all that.  It’s a big topic to cover and definitely overwhelms me. So Thanks to my new planner (which is now available in our boutique) I have been able to break it down.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Work
  4. Money
  5. Social
  6. Love
  7. Physical
  8. Inspiration

Those are the topics to dive deeper into so let’s go step by step and I will share my intentions for the year of 2020 ~ a new decade!  Under each header I have created a list of goals and intentions that I wish to achieve for the year. I follow those bullets with my actionable steps that I will be taking to actively accomplish these goals.

Spiritual ~ Personal Growth/Expansion/Soul/Being

  • Meditation

Use Headspace App for a daily routine & morning meditation.  Begin with 5 minutes DAILY and work my way up to 15 minutes.

  • Be More present

Take deep breaths and be mindful of precious moments when they are there.  Be less on my phone/laptop ~ enjoy life and savor my surroundings. Mental Kodak moments!

  • Journal

During Azalea’s nap, take a moment to journal an entire page in my small notebook.  Anything ~ feelings, thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc.

  • Morning routine

6am Wake up, Splash water on face, brush teeth, drink 16 oz water, meditate, light stretch, or full on yoga flow if Azalea allows (on days not going to the gym), breath work, breakfast

  • Evening routine

Turn phone off at 9pm, brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, wash face with soap, healing mist spritz, read book 30-45 minutes, sleep 10pm/10:30pm

  • Better habits

Mindful eating, less time on phone/social media, no phone in the morning/evening, movement daily

Mental ~ Mind/Learning/Wisdom/Challenge

  • Breathing

Attend breath work classes & practice during daily meditations

  • Reading ~ Books

Find books monthly to read in the evenings (already purchased first book of the year: Body into Balance ~ very excited to dive into this book to seek out deeper inner healing)

  • Herbalism

Learn more on herbalism by reading & growing apothecary line for Moon.Flower.Child ~ Self care is Gratitude

  • Zero Waste ~ Greener Life ~ Plastic Free

Practice zero waste leading up to full month challenge in October = 100% plastic/package free (document on YouTube)

  • Conference/Workshop/Class

Research more on what I want to learn more about ~ register, attend & document on a blog posts for M.F.C. (Zero waste, Spirit Weavers Gathering)

  • Develop leadership skills

Skill share class & gain experience during collaborations

Work ~ Career/Contribution/Service

  • Monthly Collaborations
Photo shoots/Bloggers/Cosigner test runs
  • Hire an assistant
Find remote contractor to help with MailChimp emails/Instagram posts/Blog posts/website management
  • Grow product line (more wholesale vendors)
Test run new vendors under consignment agreements for 6 months (new vendor monthly)
  • Super Legit Holiday Pop Up Shop

Short term one month rental of boutique space on the west coast for the holiday season.  Host party & blow out sales ~ networking & opportunity for vendors to consign their product in the boutique :) and a place where my Moon.Children can connect, play music, read poetry & connect ~ Create a community face to face!

(New earrings coming in 2020)

Red Peppa Productions

  • Grow biz - YouTube channel/Instagram
Keep creating fun videos ~ enjoy working together as a family and sharing content
  • Inspiring YouTube videos
Brainstorm together with Justin for our weekly videos ~ Weekly biz meetings

Money ~ Financial Wealth/Income goals

  • Comfortable monthly income

Grow sales for M.F.C. and continue creating valuable content on YouTube.  Eventually income will be substantial enough to be more consistent at a comfortable minimum threshold

  • Save for land/home

Set aside $800 a month ($10k by the end of the year)

  • Save more for 401K

Set up automatic payments and increase monthly savings to $100/month

  • Tighter budgeting

Run numbers at supermarket when shopping, be more aware of spending on play and adventures whilst traveling ~ Stick to budget ~ no excuses unless its an emergency!

Social ~ Connection/Community/Fun

  • Attend Spirit weavers gathering

Fly or Drive to the event ~ Attend with Azlea ~ book ticket in February (bday present for Juby?)

  • Participate in mother community/network

Library reading friends ~ more play dates for Azalea.  Attend Facebook group events ~ grow network on Instagram for mothers :)

  • Expand Bus/road friends

Schedule meetups & connect more with the people we meet on the road ~ travel in tandem

  • Red Peppa Events ~ Tiny house festivals

Register for 2 events 

Love ~ Family/Relationships/Connection

  • More Justin alone time

Find a babysitter to take care of Azalea once a month for a date 

  • Deep love/intimate connection/exploration

Sex is Equality ~ Deeper understanding of the human body and how we can love each other better

  • Better self love routine

Weekly care for self Love ~ body care ~ massage/waxing monthly

  • Nurture deeper relationships with friends & family

Connect daily with a friend/family member ~ let them know I care (FB/Insta/Text/Call anything)

Physical ~ Health/Fitness/Well-Being

  • Yoga/gym ~ movement daily

Incorporate yoga into my morning routine if not going to the gym, otherwise spend time in the gym doing cardio & weights ~ stretch

  • Attend Ecstatic dance more

Find studios that offer ecstatic dance and gain more confidence to move freely

  • More juicing ~ fast monthly

Plan weekly juicing into our supermarket runs and expand juice recipe ideas.  Learn more on fasting and incorporate daily/intermittent fasting into each month

  • Self care routines

Foot soaks, face masks, hand massages, epilating & waxing, eyebrow maintenance

  • Rock climbing ~ indoor/outdoor

Monthly rock climbing session ~ research outdoor locations near our parking spots with the bus

  • Stand up paddle boarding/ Yoga

Rent a paddle board ~ Go! Explore to see if its worth purchasing my own

  • Weight lifting ~ muscle lines

Lift at the gym at least 3 times a week ~ legs/core/arms ~ Muscle lines :)

  • Plant based ~ whole foods ~ less processed/pre-packaged foods

Less bread & more wholesome grain based buddha bowls.  More superfoods & raw fruit & veg

  • Green smoothies more

Frozen spinach, create new recipes

Inspiration ~ Travel/Creativity/Adventure

  • Exotic travels

Book tickets in January/February for Bali & set dates for winter in Baha California with Red Peppa

  • Climb mountains ~ Hike more

Research hikes in national parks for Summer/Fall adventures

  • Utah national parks

Research parks and add to calendar

  • West coast national parks

Research parks & add to calendar

  • Fire hoop more

Buy propane, fix hoop & Hoop!

  • Bike more

Tune up bike ~ buy new tire tubes & Sunday Funday Bike fix day until it is road worthy

  • Cookbook

Create and draft up recipes, take photos and compile into a google drive folder for launch of eBook in December for Xmas

Let’s narrow it down to the top 8 ~ one from each theme.
  1. Spiritual ~ Better Habits of incorporating routine into my days
  2. Mental ~ Appreciate the earth more by incorporating more zero waste living into my life
  3. Work ~ Grow the M.F.C. wholesale product line & bring on new vendors monthly!
  4. Money ~ Crunch down on spending to save for land/home!
  5. Social ~ Mother network 
  6. Love ~ More time with my husband ~ explore our intimacy together 
  7. Physical ~ Regular movement/work out ~ muscle lines
  8. Inspiration ~ Create cookbook!!!!
The last little thing I want to create for myself is a comparison of who I am now to who I will be.  Thanks to Lavendaire I have been inspired to create a little drawing of myself with notes on who I have been for the year of 2019 and who I am going to be this time next year in 2020.  I challenge you to create one for yourself, I found this amazingly helpful to set intentions of who I know I want to grow into over the next year :) Here's mine...


With that, I hope you all can have as much of a deeper understanding about who I am, as I have been able to develop this deeper understanding of myself as well.  Its been wonderful taking the time at the end of 2019 to reflect and look back, but also to aspire to be great for the year of 2020.  This project in itself is a yearly routine that I will forever and always incorporate into my life. It can only make things better for your year to come, set you up on the right path and bring you a year of bountiful divine bliss :)

7 Responses

Felicia Smith
Felicia Smith

July 11, 2020

Peace and blessings juby ..I wanted to share my thoughts
Today as I reflect I wanted to thank my higher spiritual divine for connecting you and your beautiful knowledge , family and products with the world..I often look at your channel and online to view your products ..I can’t wait till I can afford to purchase something from your collection ..thank you For sharing yourself and family I appreciate it…I have locs as well and Alot of the ingredients and recipes u use and create when cooking I do as well….continue to inspire the world many thanks for always keeping it real and with LOVE ….


April 11, 2020

Good luck for the year ahead. Let these messages on paper manifest into the Universe and all it’s energy. Remember to positively think of these messages, dreams, aspirations etc too when able. Your mind is a powerful tool.

I especially love how you spoke openly about exploring intimacy with your husband. So important to not be a secret thing, just sacred.

Watching from NZ. Thanks for being you. So very inspiring XX

Joan Logrono
Joan Logrono

January 21, 2020

Awesome job Juby, wow just writing all your goals on paper must of took forever…Wishing you and Justin the best of 2020, Hope all your ideas and goals are accomplished. YOU INSPIRE me to bring out my inner ideas, and make it a reality..Thanks
Will you be getting any more Moon Flower Child Totes, I am interested in purchasing one..
Also, I leave in Raleigh …any time you need a baby sitter I’m
You both differently need at least 2x month alone time. Best of luck on your 2020 journey.
Much Love

Kelly  Novak
Kelly Novak

January 08, 2020

I am so in awe of you both and how you are so focused on what you want. It is refreshing to follow a couple who wants to plan out their future and stick to goals whilst not making those goals strictly material. You have such a great equal and loving relationship and are wonderful parents to your adorable Azalea. You inspire me to want to chuck out the old and start anew in a much simpler and conscious manner. Focus more on what truly matters. You truly are an inspiration. I recently moved from NC to the Northern California wine country. If your travels bring you this direction, I would consider it an honor to meet you. Best wishes, thoughts and prayers that your goals are met and you all have the most blessed of years.


January 07, 2020

Juby!! Your so inspiring! I love following you! I was so excited to read this, and I’m blown away! You said every thing i wanted to! Thank you so much!!! Love and light sister!!

Kim Day
Kim Day

January 06, 2020

Namaste Juby! Thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, hopes and dreams. You are an inspiration more than you will ever realize. Stay you and stay true!


January 06, 2020

Just wanted to wish you and your family all the best in the coming year
i love your videos and products too
best wishes Juby & Family

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