Makers Supporting Makers & New Moon Moments

May 22, 2020

Makers Supporting Makers & New Moon Moments

I have been a maker for the last 10 years of my life.  Officially running Moon.Flower.Child as an outlet to sell my art since 2013.  It’s been a wild journey up until now...I have always found myself enticed to be a maker, to create & to design.


Mama mode & Jewelry Making was my thing and I was loving every minute of it.  I found myself barely having the time to finish making any of my jewelry I started making, and the sewing...don't even get me started.  My work surfaces minimized to the kitchen counter wasn't going to work for continuing to design & making clothing like I used to.  Being a Mama is a blessing, but being a Mama and hustling the business world is a challenge.  Honestly, I found it to be too much to make and sell and market and book-keep and, and, and, and...the list honestly could go on.  It's crazy how much you learn about running a business when you are actually busy running a business.  So, I made the difficult decision of putting my “making” on pause, that's not to say I won't come back to it, but for now, it's on pause.

I am so proud to say that Moon.Flower.Child has evolved.  Evolved to be a business that supports other makers, making time for new projects which I will share with you later in this blog post.  A business that spreads the love of what other makers create, inspires and shares small businesses run by women, crafters, eco friendly warriors, spiritual adventurers...I love to support the people behind these topics.

So with that, If you didn't know much about some of the vendors we carry, here are some to read about...I have met many of these makers, and have loved their work from the beginning.  

Minik Collection

Minik Collection's line of harem pants and accessories are sustainably handcrafted by local Turkish artisans from reclaimed fabrics. They are easy to wear and easy to pack. You can wear them everyday to every-where; wear them to yoga, to the beach or just wear them without a reason.  Minik Collection guarantees ethical craftsmanship and sustainable production on every pair of pants we ship. Each harem pant sold directly helps artisans earn a fair and independent living.

Lumé Infusions

Lumé: "Lü-may" ~ Derived from the Latin word lümen, meaning "Light of Life" ~ Short for the term luminous, meaning "Glowing Light”.  Lumé evokes a sense of light, elegance & beauty ~ with the use of the sun to extract medicinal properties from organic plants.

Malabella Jewels

Malabella Jewels blossomed from a burning desire to create, spread love, and chase dreams. Founder Hannah Skedsvold came to yoga in 2013 in search of a healing mechanism for her anxiety, depression, and a feeling of being stuck. As she delved deeper into her practice, she came across these magical strings of gemstones known as Mala Beads. If there was ever a time in her life when things clicked, it was then. A young entrepreneur and new yogi, Hannah taught herself how to handcraft Mala Beads, a process that began to heal her mind, body, and soul.  For every piece sold, we plant a tree!

Cai & Jo

Cai & Jo is a luxury stationery and home decor company based in Cardiff (UK), and founded by Cody Bond, a self-taught artist and designer. Her distinctive aesthetic draws inspiration from the textures, colours and shapes of the natural world, and can be found in every Cai & Jo product. 

Bohemian Rêves

Amelia Dean is the creator of a Bohemian Rêves plant-based, hand-crafted beauty line.   “I think vibrations are present in all aspects in life. And to achieve your highest potential, it’s so important to stay in-tune with them and surround yourself with people that are on the same frequency level." ~ Amelia

The Flowered Life

From our organic, herbal ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, The Flowered Life is mindful in the process of creating natural, personal care and beauty products. With sustainability in mind, we hope that you can take our products with you on every adventure.

Moon by Moon Apothecary

The herb cottage is surrounded by Chanelle's gardens ~ full of beautiful medicinals, butterflies, all manner of birds, & other visitors from the natural world. The cottage serves as the apothecary & studio space for moon by moon ~ it is home to hundreds of chanelle's medicines & where almost all of the ideas for the apothecary originate. The herb cottage also holds space for consultations, classes, willow down sessions, & a handful of open hours during each season.  You are invited to share a pot of herbal tea, peruse the seasonal remedy offerings, flower essence & tincture collections, & other botanical ephemera.

Callisto Ray

Hand crafted silversmith jewelry made by Reagan.  She's a self taught silversmith that aspires to take her metalsmithing on the road in a van!  For every piece sold 10% of profits go to OneTreePlanted...supporting the rebirth of new trees around the world by crafting jewelery.

Now that you know a little more about the vendors of Moon.Flower.Child that leads me on to share with you our new Monthly Live stream...New Moon Moments.


New Moon Moments

Each month on the evening of the New Moon at 7pm EST we will be interviewing a member of our worldly community about all sorts of lifestyle topics that are relevant to the Moon.Flower.Child way of living.  Almost as though it were a podcast in a live video format streaming directly from our Facebook Page.  There are so many people in my life that are interesting, that I miss talking with and that I want to bring closer into the world of Moon.Flower.Chid.  Not only is it a great opportunity for me to reconnect and to share the wealth of knowledge that surrounds my community, but it's a way for you to get to know more about our makers, learn about their spaces, their inspirations, their hopes and dreams...aspirations and so much more from the community of people that Live our Life of Living. 

So be sure to mark your calendars for our First live stream June 20th at 7pm EST on Facebook Live.

And like our page to keep up with future events, live streams & inspiration <3

Looking forward to spending more Moments with you & until next month, stay safe & well.

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