New Moon Womens Gathering

October 20, 2017

New Moon Womens Gathering

In this blog post I wanted to share with you all, what the structure of the first of many New.Moon.Gatherings with Moon.Flower.Child was like with all the women that came to our Home Studio Space/AirBnb.  It was a beautiful gathering of open heart souls sharing in a space that felt comfortable whilst being rooted in the truth of themselves.

To begin...Welcome the women that came

Share gratitude for joining you on this wonderfully special evening of rebirth through a new cycle.

Lets get to know one another a little better

Go around in a circle and share:

  • Names
  • How you spend your days
  • How do you feel in this moment
  • A thought or question on your heart

It is important to take the time to let each woman share their feelings and thoughts as they dig deeper within themselves to better understand what they are hoping to gain from this experience.  The expression of mood will allow for this gathering to more intimate and give opportunity for each woman to receive support from fellow sisters.

With all the women now feeling a sense of openness and calm, prepare the space for clear vision & strength, so each individual will gain & retained what they need from the experience of this New Moon Gathering.

Cleanse & Prepare for Open Oness with the Sisterhood

  • Cleanse space with Palo Santo - pass it around...allow for each woman to take the time in cleansing themselves and the space as they each feel necessary
  • Release any stress, anxiety & be here now...
  • Deep Breathes 3x
  • Lions breathe 3x


Sharing of words that will inspire and ignite enthusiasm for intentions that will be set whilst mixing the bath salts.  Reminding each of us what is beautiful and encouraging to each of us.

Prayers of Honoring Voice  by Pixie Lighthorse

“Thank you for this day of spiritual grounding.
“Untie me from the pilgrim’s ship and place my feet on solid ground.
“Earth me in what I know to be true—all I have been taught that has served me well.
“Lift my eyes to recognize and take in what supports and sustains me.
“Surround me with the wealth of community, the abundance of nature, and the prosperity of fulfillment.
“Imagine me a hunter of the soul’s treasures, returning with sound intelligence for sharing at the home hearth.
“Help me to reach my potential as your gardener and preservationist by providing me with sanctuary among the plants and animals.
“Help me till into the soil that which feeds and nurtures it to health, in a circular gesture of receiving and giving back through the seasonal turns.
“Let me mother those who find me on the path, as I have been held and encouraged by you and those special loved ones who saw my need. Let me repay the favor.
“Qualify me to epitomize the value in others and hold them in high regard.
“Let me witness the deepest promise of greatness in each living creature I meet. Let me believe in the fruit that has yet to be born from them, and support them with gentle counsel.
“Show me my purpose so I may celebrate and value the work I’ve done while enjoying the simple pleasures of spirited exchange among my kind.
“Remind me of what it took to get here. Regenerate my energy so I may be of service when required.
“Educate me in the economics of harmony.
“Train my rhythm to the heartbeat of the ground that cradles me. Run with my spirit through the fields of frolic and revelry, and let me never forget that I belong to you.
“Bless me with the immodest songs of merriment and gaiety. My days of hesitancy are far behind.
“Surrender me to the ambition of the mountain: my final destination of this quest.
“Lodge within my banks of reason the fact that I am provided for in all ways.
“Remind me that I am of you, and my sister and my brother, too.
“Accept our thanks for all of creation and for this journey.

Moon Astrology:

It is important to understand the reasoning behind certain feelings we might have been experiencing as we near to the New Moon.  With Octobers cycle we are in Libra.  Libra being for balance, symmetry & partnership.

Karma Stones  Balancing rocks from England

  • Exact time of New moon = Thursday October 19th 7:12pm
  • New Moon in Libra - ruled by Venus - infuse your life with creativity & brings gift of right relationship
  • New Moon reveals where relations are out of balance & what needs tending & loving care
  • Focus on partnerships & sacred dance between self & others - Yin & Yang
  • Address what is not working or what is out of balance
  • Willingness to face our own shadow - how to be conscious of anger/rage & be in control
  • Before finding balance we must acknowledge what is out of balance, out of harmony, or alignment
  • Libra New Moon - carries us out of our comfort zones - radical reset
  • Regain equilibrium
  • Jupiter has recently entered Scorpio, pushing us to explore darker territory within
  • Big picture is becoming clear - our eyes are opened
  • Though anxiety might be present - we are going through mass raising of consciousness...
  • It begins & ends with love

Mixing of the Bath Salts

  • Add to bath Pink Himalayan salt to bowl
  • Add Epson Salts to bowl
  • Each woman adds their ingredient to bowl - Share the Intentions you wish to set yourself... new habits you hope to instill in this next cycle of the moon
  • All lay hands on salt bowl - Together say "May all our intentions be sealed and realized"
  • Mix salts

A Definition of what a New Moon Means

A new moon teaches gradualness

and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe.
What nine months of attention does for an embryo
forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness

By Rumi

Gratitude & Closing

  • Join hands
  • Share what your thankful for
  • Fill vessels for bath in 2 weeks on full moon

Meditation to complete the ceremony


In closing our first gathering it was nothing but joyous coming together with a new found sisterhood looking for change and new habits.  Our gathering has more meaning than just mixing of bath salts, but sharing support and feelings of all emotions with eachother reminds us that we are in this life together. 

We are One. 

We are Oness. 

We are Blessed. 

We are ingrained with the roots of Mother Nature.

Love & Light


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