On the cover of The Jamwich ~ All About the Owner of Moon.Flower.Child & The Wandering.Boutique

September 19, 2017 1 Comment

On the cover of The Jamwich ~ All About the Owner of Moon.Flower.Child & The Wandering.Boutique


A daydream about starting your own business, buying a bus, fixin ‘er up, converting her into a boutique and traveling the land while vending festivals, is a wonderful dream to have.

But taking your dream and manifesting it into reality? That my friend, is a different ball game. It requires you to plan with precision, a quick wit, wise eye, and open mind. It requires you to step up to the plate, to swing, to miss and step up again.

A vision in action requires a deep devotion to love. A passionate and unwithering love for what you set out to do, a deep sense of self love, for others, and for our mother, Earth.

And for Moon.Flower.Child, a one-woman traveling boutique, who has manifested her dreams into a reality, it also requires you to “Stand.Boldly.As.Someone.Different”. This has been her business mantra since the Moon.Flower.Child seeds were planted in 2013. Owner and designer, Juliana “Juby” Yasmine, is no stranger to the deeply rooted love that is so vital in one’s ability to nurture the seeds of their imagination into full bloom.

Upon completing her Fashion degree at Parsons Paris in France in 2013,  Juliana set out to travel the world, moving to Hawaii to WWOOF on an orchid farm called Alohilani Orchids. While on the island, Juliana bought a sewing machine and devoted her time to developing her skills, and attending markets with what little she had.

Remaining focused on her future and mindful of her vision, eventually, she was able to showcase her romantic Hawaiian collection at a runway show in Honolulu, Oahu. She soon continued on to showcasing her work on the runway in Paris, Honolulu, Baltimore and Raleigh. The seeds of her vision were coming into fruition.

In 2016, Juliana was able to “take a giant leap of faith” in her business and also, she notes, herself, by transitioning from a full time preschool teacher to part time. She set a goal to be fully prepared to work only for Moon.Flower.Child by the dawn of Summer 2017.

She has accomplished that goal, and has embarked on a journey to travel the country, vending festivals with Meraki, her old school bread bus that she transformed into traveling boutique.

The Moon.Flower.Child boutique takes a holistic approach to it’s collection, carefully including womens, mens, kids, accessories, tinctures, lip balm, body scents, dreadlock cleansing kits, teas, natural smoking alternatives, and even raw honey from her backyard by Buddha Bee Apiary.

Buddha Bee Apiary is a small 10 hive apiary, founded by her fiance and beekeeping guru, Justin Manness. By practicing kind beekeeping, they are able to collect wax for balms and raw honey. These two are truly fighting the good fight with the most powerful force, love in action.

Ah, yes. Another unique aspect of Moon.Flower.Child is the empowering bond between the owner and her fiance. As a friend watching them grow, it’s clear the two are rooted in the same love and passion to be something, and not just someone.

So, what exactly do you get when you support a small business owner and their vision in action?

“You are not just buying a product...but a little piece of who I am. Not too long ago I was struggling with a darker side of life...I found that in order to stop being clouded by darkness it was more important to focus on my passion, to focus on goals, to focus on dreams.  Take less of the anxiety and self doubt and turn it into hope and self love.  I have been so centered.  So grounded.  I am So in love with myself and feeling that I know myself more and more each day.  There's always new things to discover but where I am now is a blessing and I am grateful for the tough road I have traveled to get here and have that deeper sense of inner sight (third eye opening) and awareness.”

-Juliana Yasmine

When you support a small business owners like Moon.Flower.Child, you are not only playing a role in acknowledging the artistic integrity of the creator, dismantling corporate greed, and strengthening community but you are also nourishing a vision in action, a dream that has been manifested into a reality. You are saying “I see your gift, your act of love, and courage. I support you and I raise you one”.

Published in the July 2017 Issue #63 of Appalachian Jamwich


If your curious to know more, check out the latest YouTube video on Juliana Yasmine's Story

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Carmela & Gabriella Rodriguez
Carmela & Gabriella Rodriguez

July 11, 2020

My daughter & I got the chance to meet your beautiful family at tiny house festival Last year in Orlando , Fl.
We follow you on you tube & are always excited to watch your next episode.
Sending Much love & blessings during these crazy times & pray you stay safe.
We are wondering if you would accept a little gift for precious Azalea ?
If it would be ok , where can we send it?
She is absolutely beautiful & takes very much after her gorgeous mother & handsome father. Looking forward to hear back stay safe & be well always

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