Self Care

March 07, 2018

Self Care

Here are a few notes on my thoughts lately on Self.Care:

Aligning your Chakras

In order to achieve greater levels of peace & well-being, taking time to align the chakras that we all have within our bodies is something that anyone can do at any point throughout their day.  The practice of meditation can go a long way in order to restore this balance that we all function best at. 
There are hundreds of chrakras, but there are 7 primary Chakras that most focus on.  These 7 points are where the spirit & physical meet within us.  They are constantly evolving, changing and developing as we age through our physical form.
Root - base of spine (Muladhara)
Sacral - below the naval (Svadisthana)
Solar Plexus - above navel (Manipura)
Heart - Heart (Anahata)
Throat - Throat (Visuddha)
3rd Eye - at forehead between the eyes (Ajna)
Crown - Top of head (Sahasrara)
Meditation to Align Chakras
  1. Sit comfortably, lengthen the spine and begin to breathe deeply.
  2. Close you eyes & thank yourself for being present and taking the time to care for you Mind/Body/Soul.
  3. Beginning the focus on the Root Chakra of our body, find the connection through our roots to the earth.  Follow the rhythm of Mother Earth's heartbeat, and visualize the red glow of your chakra expanding.
  4. Slowly bring thought and energy upwards along the spine to your Heart Chakra until the green glow of your heart is as full as the red root glow. 
  5. Bring your thought to your 3rd eye.  This takes time to open, time to grow, time to develop.  Be patient as you begin to expand your mind to be able to see more of this world (or yourself!) free of judgement & negativity. 
  6. Finally your Crown Chakra (not mentioned above, but is the top of your head).  Find the aura and energy of colours and power of your soul.  Feel it surrounding you, feel it deep within you.
  7. With all the chakras balanced, thank yourself for such loving presence and affection for self. Commit to align and take the time for yourself to root into your mind/body/soul more often.
  8. Gently open your eyes, breathe in and move forward in your day with the grace & gratitude of realigning your body & spirit. 
Body Cleanse
Our bodies need nourishment, need care, need to be clean.  The importance of self care in its physical form is care for the body.  Using natural ingredients that aren't harmful to your body are key.  The skin is the largest organ we have, its also the one that shows itself on our exterior, that makes it vulnerable, susceptible to harmful elements on a day to day basis.  Soap that's made with vegetable oils, butters, essential oils are rich in antioxidants, minerals and nutrients that are essential to healthy skin that will keep you glowing and young!  They are soothing to our bodies, sourced from the earth and help support new growth of skin cells.

Home & Space Cleanse

Specifically smudging is the removal of negative energy that may be sitting in the air, such as fear, anger, lower spirits.  Smudging removes the unwanted.  Its traditionally used by Native Americans where they lit the bundles of herbs and cleansed space, helped to heal & performed ceremonies and buried them to complete the rituals.  Scientifically its true that Sage actually clears bacteria our of the air as well as a natural antidepressant.

Smudging Rituals:
  1. Light the end of your smudge bundle using a match or lighter, blow out the flame letting the herbs begin to smoulder.
  2. Using your hand feather the smoke from your feet to your head and back down again.
  3. This sacred sage ceremony that your are performing at your home allows your energy to shift at will.
  4. When your ready to smudge your home, move clockwise around your house.  Wave the smoking bundle around the windows, in the corners, around the doorways, open closed cupboards, cabinets and enclosed spaces. 
Note: Have a fire proof bowl to place the smouldering bundle when your done.

Body Oils

Using natural body oils infused with essential oils as a form of perfume is a much healthier option to incorporate scent into your day to day life.  Again for the purpose of the skin being the surface that we apply the scent, its important that it be something that will not irritate the skin on top of the fact that it will be absorbed into our bodies and having that odor be made of chemicals may not be the wisest choice.  With essential oils used in blends for natural scents it is an on the go form of aromatherapy, to help with so many different bodily pain or emotional troubles.   Not only do we have natural essential oil aromas to set the tone for our senses, but there's a moisturizing aspect to the oils that will keep your skin supple and healthy.


Here's to hoping with all this new or reinforced knowledge that you can take your self care journey to the next level.  Discovering what your Divine.Self needs and wants and learning how to care for your Mind/Body/Soul can take a lifetime to conquer.  Be patient with yourself and your new habits your hoping to instill. 

You are worthy.

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