Smudging your Home to Purify & Clear Negative Energy

April 13, 2019 1 Comment

Smudging your Home to Purify & Clear Negative Energy

Many people have asked me what smudging is and how it can help them in their home or for their bodies & souls, so I wanted to share what I know with you all.  Firstly lets start with background of what smudging is and where it comes from as far as tradition.

Traditionally Sage was and is still used for the Indigenous First Nations People and Native Americans as a form of medicine as a way to purify themselves, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The first Four smudges that were traditionally used are Sage, Sweet Grass, Cedar and Tobacco.   They were also used in sweat lodges to purify the spaces where detoxification of the bodies takes place.

Preparation of the herb is crucial, giving back to the creator when your picking the herbs...being in a state of positivity will impact your bundle so that it can continue bringing its uplifting energy throughout your ritual practice.  Indigenous cultures believe that you should never blow on it as it would be similar to blowing your spirit away.

The Four items that are traditional to the Native American practices are:

  1. A Shell that represents Water to catch your ashes
  2. Sage or smudge herb of choice that represents Earth
  3. A Flame to light your smudge represents Fire
  4. A Feather used to fan the smoke represents Air

What is smudging

A ceremonial way to clear a person, space or object of unwanted energy.  Not only does it cleanse but also bless.

 How to burn your Smudge bundles:

Firstly you can light your bundle with a match, let the flame grow until the end of your bundle can be fanned to create a smokey smoulder.  With your fan, feather or hand you can then move/wave the smoke into the areas of your home or towards your body to begin the cleansing ritual.  Be sure to have your dish ready so that any ashes or pieces of the herb that may still be burning can fall into the dish.

Surround yourself with protection by beginning with a prayer or taking a moment with meditation to bring your mind to the bright place that it needs to be.

To put out your bundle when you are done you can press the bundle into your dish to put out your embers and save it for your next smudge.

Smudging your Home, Your Sanctuary:

When cleansing your space and clearing negative energy fields from your home its always best to smudge after cleaning or tidying so as to begin the process of a promoting positivity from a clean slate.  Many people like to smudge when first entering into a new home so that any unwanted past vibrations can be moved out of the space before calling it their own.

Start at the door (a high traffic area for both physical and metaphysical states of being), vent out negativity or stale energy through the door.  Having a fan can help move the air into a certain direction that you need it to go to help expel the unwanted energy.

Fan the smoke with your intentions for the space in mind.  Go into the corners of your wall, around the window frames, around the door frames, into any closets or enclosed spaces.  Places that expel energy from our bodies or existence such as, our toilets or showers where we wash dirt away can hold negative energy well and are worthy of being purified.  Other objects around your home to consider cleansing are: mirrors, television screens, computers, sinks, drains, the list could go on, but simply know that where there are portals of energy exchange ~ negativity can be held.

Smudging Your Body ~ Ourselves ~ Our Souls:

You can not only cleanse your space and establish ritual for your home environment but also for your body.  Throughout life we carry so many burdens as well as encounter negativity in our relationships with others from strangers to our immediate loved ones.  Its important to maintain our balance and continue about life with our heads held high with light lifting us up instead of darkness weighing us down.  So when we consider smudging our bodies you can start from our roots spiraling around our bodies all the up to our crown or the opposite way head to toe.  Smudging our aura that is surrounding our body will also initiate a sense of empowerment for our energy that is encapsulating our bodies as well as offer protection from further negativity entering into our souls.

Light your bundle with a match, once the smouldering smoke is in its dish, use the smoke to essentially clean your hands as though you were washing them under a tap.  Bring the smudging smoke to your mouth to speak good things, to your eyes to see good things, your ears to hear good things and your heart to feel good things.

 Types of Smudges

As mentioned earlier the traditional and most known form of herbal smudging is Sage, but there are others and they are worth exploring if you have never smudged before.  Whilst I have always enjoyed clearing the air with Sage, sometimes I have the urge to burn an herb that has a lighter smell and is less pungent is a scent I prefer.  There are so many wonderful choices out there that you can use to cleanse your space that would have a similar purifying effect as the traditional Sage.  To name a few below that are sold at Moon.Flower.Child:

  • White Sage
  • Blue Sage
  • Shasta Sage
  • White Sage & Lavender
  • Desert Sage
  • Sage Brush
  • Mugwort
  • Yerba Sante
  • Cedar
  • Juniper
  • Palo Santo
  • Sweet Grass

Thoughts to have while smudging:

I have mentioned a few thoughts to have whilst practicing this ritual, but an important part of my practice is to have an affirmation that vibrates positively within my mind body and soul.  Perhaps close your eyes and take a few deep breathes to come up with something along the lines of:

'I clear negativity from my mind, I welcome good, happy, loving energy into my temple to spread unto others in my existence'

Your affirmation or prayer may be as detailed or simple as you like.  So long as your mind set is positive with the intentions to clear the air then your already setting yourself up for a positive experience.

Why Burn Smudges & How Often

When you smudge the air around yourself and your soul, your are ridding negativity and replacing it with positivity.  You can choose to smudge as often as each morning to set a positive tone for your day or simply when you are not centered or or having difficulties leading a light filled day.

When smudging ~ work slowly, take time and smudge thoroughly.  Be calm, relaxed and in a spiritual place.  It helps to smudge when you are grounded but if you are also not grounded and seeking out balance, smudging can help you achieve that mindset.

So with that, I hope you can feel that you know more on the topic of smudging and how it can help you in your daily lives.  I love to smudge both my temple and my sanctuary.  It gives me clarity in my day and rids my mind of any evil.  It encourages thoughts that are uplifting and bring me joy.  It brings light filled feelings that I can carry with me throughout my day to share unto others. 

Feel free to Browse through the various smudges that we carry and if you have any further questions fill our the Contact Us form and I'd gladly help you out with some answers!

Love & Light as always

Until next time


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Emilio Edeza
Emilio Edeza

September 29, 2019

I just ordered some of these wonderful items! I can’t wait to finally get something from Moon Flower Child! Can’t wait to explore all the different items especially those ear cuffs!
Thank you for doing what you do,
Emilio Edeza (Apollo)

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