The struggle is real -> A Positive Outlook

April 15, 2017 1 Comment

The struggle is real -> A Positive Outlook

Sometimes when your in your work mode and feeling good, things can go wrong and plans can change.  The Vega Market was a blast, but being Easter weekend it was extra crowded.  I had to move the bus about 2 times to get into the best placement for the other vendors.  I definitely challenged my 3 point turns with I would say succeeded in an 8 or 9 point turn to get out of a tight knit spot that was overcrowded with vendors.  The whole situation got me all stressed out. As Im sure any vendor would feel among so many other artists, I want to retain good working relationships with them, we are all just trying to make a living doing what we love.  No need for added anxiety of booth placements etc. 

So Finally, once the bus was parked & I got all set up, the day began to shape out nicely...

My stresses went away and I had time to realize that its all a learning curb and I tried to look the chaos of the morning as a driving challenge.  A chance to sharpen my skills and knowledge of maneuvers with the bus & what her limits are.  I have a lot of road trips this summer to festivals and events so its good to feel more comfortable with my whip!

It is important for me to observe and release my worries and stresses that build up within me as a negative energy that consumes me for what can seem like forever.  I have found that certain changes to my environment & inner sense of calm are the biggest factors of getting myself out of those funks.

Moon.Flower.Child Tip Numero Uno: Scent.  I have become accustom to lighting incense, scented candles or smudge sticks (palo santo included & being my favorite).  The reason I believe that scent helps me to calm my mind and replenish my soul with positive thinking is because the scents that I love encourage me to take a breathe.  This reminds me of my meditation of the breathe.  In. &. Out. Slowing my mind.  I am at this point aware of my present existence more vividly and realize that these feelings are simply feelings and can be let go of.

Moon.Flower.Child Tip Numero Dos: Finding a valid reason that whatever it is stressing me out could have been established in my life for a learning purpose (which it most of the time is...even if its another chance to learn & observe how I reacted & how I could manage my feelings more better)

Keeping it simple for now with just 2 thoughts that have helped me to regain my positive outlook.  Although sometimes it can be hard to get out of those ruts, its important to learn how to save yourself from them as you become wiser in your understanding of yourself.  Saving your self from those depths encourage you to continue through your days, weeks, months, years & decades with the capacity to have a fulfilled life of joy.

For now, thats all to share.  But I want to start sharing more about what each day is all about in the life of Moon.Flower.Child. Perhaps put another video out there for you.

Until Next time.

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Sue Hunter
Sue Hunter

September 13, 2017

I completely understand. I have just started doing outdoor festivals here in Canada with my shop My Hippie Heart and with my lovely laugher-in-laws shop Feather + Skye,. I just did an Artisan Market over the weekend, and got there nice and early to set up our Bohemian Tent in just the right spot. Even though it was a large park, 2 other vendors set up so close to us that our customers could barely squeeze in at one side. We have politely asked the one to please move back a bit ( this was before they were set up) and they did but just a tiny bit. After all of the vendors set up there was a huge empty space at the back plenty of room for vendors to spread out. It is so important to be able to get along with other vendors but sometimes no matter how zen I try to be it is just stressful. I too burn incense and usually smudge after I set up. Never had a complaint except this time from someone who told me it was making her sick. It was patchouli, and it was lovely. I adore your bus I do hope one day to convert a small horse trailer and use it for pop up shops instead of always having to set up tents. Love you site!

blessings & bliss

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