Vega Market

March 25, 2017

Vega Market

I had a blast at the Spring Vega Market.  The season is just beginning to ramp up and it feels good to be a bigger part of Durhams Community.  I am thankful to see so many new faces and returning beauties coming by the shop.



I took the time to sit and guide myself through the #girlboss concerns that are all being experienced through trial and error.  I have learned a lot working for myself and building this business from the ground up and now is the time when I am really pushing to make this my full time job.  I have been working on Moon.Flower.Child since I graduated in 2013 and have finally found the time to sit down and work on making the business for one, legal and for two my life.  I have enjoyed every moment, but dont be fooled by the oh so joyous photos that everyone posts and shares on social media...not all of it is perfectly peachy.  Its my first year officially as an LLC and officially collecting and paying sales tax.  Sometimes theres doubt and fear that clouds my mind.  The guidance cards are a great way for me to find my serenity and calm my mind thinking deeper to understand the forces of our society that emphasise the stresses of our world.  I forget to calm myself and remember that at the end of the day...what is the great purpose of Moon.Flower.Child.  Dont let the logistics of the business get me down and continue to push through.  'This too shall pass' and it will not always be this chaotic.

Justin had a friend come along to work on his dreadlocks.  For those that think its a simple life having locs I promise theres more than you might realise in maintenence.  No they arent dirty and no they dont smell.  And yes we wash our hair with soap like you and yes we do visit the "hairdresser"


More to come on that as I take more time to blog about my life and journey as a Moon.Flower.Child.

Love & Light for now


p.s. see you at the next event: ^Find the Bus^

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