What happened to Meraki?!

June 15, 2018 1 Comment

What happened to Meraki?!

Well friends & family, its a sad thing to have to say that our time as a Wandering.Boutique, a little business run out of this particular bus have come to an end.  Unfortunately the bus has some serious mechanical issues that have led us to keep the bus parked at home permanently without being able to travel.  The scoop is that the main bearing in the bus is a faulty part and unfortunately wasn't noticed during quality control when manufacturing the bus back in 1992.  So that small piece of metal has begun to erode at the main parts of what makes the bus run, causing her to be an unreliable vehicle...my Old Maid.

Can she be fixed you ask?  Yes, but that costs lots of money that I don't have.  On top of the fact that the damage already done, may have run deeper than just surface damage, in which case it would be a waste of time to fix her as she would break again in no time.

Can she be permanently parked somewhere you ask? Sure, but our dreams (my hubby & I) is to travel the USA next year in our other bus that we are converting into our home - check out our YouTube for the progress.  The hope was that we would travel with both buses, but looks like it will be with Big.Bird.Bus only (and that's a little simpler anyhow).  So parking her permanently is an option, but we have been in the Triangle area of NC for the last 4 years and are ready to take this adventure by the horns and ride far and wide!  I have had my business for the last 5 years so maybe its time to redirect and take a break. 

Can she be turned into a trailer like the original plan? She sure can!  If you have the funds, I have the mechanic.  My main man Mike was willing to convert her into a trailer for a steal of a deal at $2,000.  But then you need to make sure you have at least a Ford F250 to tow Meraki's Big Booty as she will weigh a good amount (even with the engine torn out to reduce the weight).  If your interested...email me and lets talk business! 

So enough of the sappy sad news and lets have reminisce together >>>

Thank You for coming along on this wild ride that was a part of my life for the last year!


Levitate Music & Arts Festival (Click the photo to watch our YouTube video)


Wild Orchard Wedding

The Werk Out (Click the photo to watch our YouTube video)

Lovelight Yoga Festival (Click the photo to watch our YouTube video)

Earthdance (Click the photo to watch our YouTube video)

Shakori Hills (Click the photo to watch our YouTube video)

Along with so many adventures here in the Triangle, popping up left and right

I cant even begin to express the joy that this chapter of my life has brought me, and whilst I wish it could continue unfortunately all things must come to an end at some point or another.  That's not a bad thing, but an opportunity to grow, blossom and transform.  Metamorphosis.  Bloom into a greater version of what you are & who you were.  I somehow had a subconscious premonition of the situation I would be in and went to many events with the following quote for others to read:

Lone behold it was one I needed for myself the most!  I am grateful to see the way others reacted and what those simple words of Dr Seuss meant to them and how I could incorporate that into my circumstances. 

So with that sad news now upon us all, I have had much time to step back and understand the feelings that I have towards the bus and engine breaking down.  Whist she was beautiful and took me places, its not to say that Moon.Flower.Child still cannot continue.  I want to be an open book with you all since you have given me so much of yourselves to support my career & passion so....My upcoming plans for the business are as follows:

1.  Sell as much inventory as possible in the old school set up of tent vending.  To see where we will be posted up at check our website here.  Stay tuned for sales & all kinds of deals for our goodies ~ We post daily to our Instagram so that's the best place for daily notifications on any discounts we may be running <3 

2. Strategically narrow down my product line to continue making select items on the road (living out of a different school bus that we are converting now...subscribe to our YouTube to stay in the loop).

3.  Seek out wholesale buyers to house our products in stores around the USA.

4.  Eventually develop a collection of clothing that has been rooted in my mind for the longest time and source small scale sustainable manufacturers to produce our line that we will continue to sell when on the road.

5.  Sell Meraki ~ This is the hardest one to wrap my head around, but Im thinking its a shame to sell her to someone who would rip her to parts for pieces, plus those pieces probably don't even work!  The thought is that she could be a beautiful Backyard AirBnb for someone to park at their home.  She is currently being used as a storage unit, but if I find a buyer that's interested...shes going for $6,000 which is a steal considering all the work, time and money invested into the bus.

6.  As I work through this next chapter I will be saving up our business reserves to open up a Brick & Mortar boutique that was and is the ultimate dream. 

As for now, that's all I have for you.  The journey was a wild one, the ride wasn't smooth but I learned a lot, met a lot of people & am more than grateful for such and incredible accomplishment in my life.  Nothing to be sad about, only proud and over the moon for such a groovy chapter of festival road trip adventures!  2017 you were amazing and I'll always look back to that time where I had my dreams come true!

Until Next time


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May 26, 2019

Are you still doing business over the internet? If not I’m so sorry to hear that I’ve missed you. Just started watching your vlogs and enjoying you and your family so much. Anyway best of luck to you guys. If you still sell online let me know where I can find your present items.

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