What helps me keep my creative juices flowing?

April 16, 2018

What helps me keep my creative juices flowing?

When I think about creativity I get excited.  The thought of taking time in my day to make something that actively charges my brain so I can embrace the euphoric feelings it gives me is definitely something I want to incorporate in my day to day life.  Although while I say that as though I am creative everyday, I definitely go through spells where I lack creative juices and have no passion or drive to know what to make next.  So I figured it be a fun thing to share with you how I rejuvenate my imagination and stimulate my mind to be actively making new product with new ideas.
Sometimes what you need is to step back & give yourself a break from forcing greatness from within.
Its ok to take time to rest in fact it allows your mind to regroup and be re-born into a new light.  Leaving a project that might be driving you crazy for a day or two and coming back to it might just be the greatest decision you could make for your art & your sanity.  In that time away you may have some awakening experience or allowed for thoughts to cross your mind that will give you new ideas and stamina to continue with a bolder energy then when you began.  Treat yourself to a tea or coffee and soak in life as it passes, you might see someone or enjoy a meal that stimulates your senses to evoke some nostalgic memories.
Think about where you generally get your inspiration from.  If your always looking to nature go for a walk out in the country, you might spot a new bug you’ve never seen before that has an iridescent shell, or find yourself collecting materials to incorporate into your work.  If you look to art and find ideas through the innovation of work by others go to a museum, look online and research new work.  I get emails from Artsy https://www.artsy.net/, they have some great editorials and plenty of imagery of past present and future artists that can definitely keep you in the look for events and new forms of artistry that could be relevant to your creative juices.  Maybe going to the library to simply browse through books and stumble across an unexpected novel or educational book will be the spark to re-ignite the fire.
Art by James Brunt

Work collaboratively with others.  Talk to someone else about some ideas you might be having, share the feeling of being stuck and see what type of outsider input you can get on your situation.  You would be surprised how many times I have asked someone else about something I have been working on and they have seen the project objectively and been able to offer a perspective that you hadn’t discovered yet.  Join a Facebook group for artists or an online forum where you can come together as a collective to innovate and problem solve productively.
Just simply grab a pen & paper. Keeping a journal with thoughts and past emotions can be a powerful thing to look back at.  You may have had a passing idea that you never acted on that could steal the gold for being your next mission.  Make a doodle in your sketchbook, nothing fancy, just let it flow and see where it leads you.  You’ll never know what your going to generate, maybe a preliminary sketch for a painting you didn’t know you were dreaming of.  Perhaps a series of words that prompt you to understand feelings you might be having that evoke your next piece of work.

For me taking the time to clean my studio space is huge.  Sometimes I feel like its secretly a form a procrastination, but going back through my supplies and tidying up the space gives me the fuel I need to feel elevated from stale projects or unwanted materials that are cluttering my mind.  Having a clean space can allow you to breathe and think clearly making it easier to find the tools that you need for your work, reducing any type of frustration that creating in a disorganized space may lead you into.

Take a class and continue to learn, advance your knowledge and gain wisdom from new techniques that have been practiced for hundreds of years.  Who knows, you might just find a fusion of styles & techniques that could be just your own that gets you all jazzed up!  Life is a continuous opportunity to learn, don’t allow yourself to think that just because you went to college you know everything and that you don’t or won’t need to learn more.  That is far from true.  Learning is one of the greatest forms of creative flow (at least for me).  Learning a new technique or discovering a new art medium is such a fulfilling experience.  I want to allow my skill set to grow, develop and evolve over time as I become the person I am destined to be.

Anyhow, I probably could ramble on about a million other ways to get the juices flowing again, but those are the ones that I have found true to work for myself.  A note to remember that everyone is different, everyone has a different way to work, we each jive for something different, no one person is the same.  These work for me, its not to say they won’t for you, but its always worth a try if you feeling in the dumps creatively.  So with that...Go Create!

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