What it's Really Like Living in a Tiny House

March 05, 2019 2 Comments

What it's Really Like Living in a Tiny House

...Whilst Being Pregnant...

The transition to tiny house living is never easy.  It was definitely a mission to dwindle down our belongings to what we thought were the bare essentials.  Turns out you can still have too much stuff living small.  We moved onto a farm where we rented a pre-built Tiny House for a period of time whilst we finished working on our school bus conversion ~ that would eventually be our full time home & studio/boutique space for Moon.Flower.Child.

It all begins with how deceivingly cute the outside of this little home on wheels is.  She’s got a warm cedar siding and funky red tin roof with a cozy walkway up to the front porch (which I might add, took a couple of hot summer days to create, digging through straight North Carolina clay to make way for soil and plants to grow).  

None the less for 5 months, what felt like a lifetime we lived in this quaint little home.

Coming into the house, you see all the rooms of your living space in one blink of an eye, from the toilet to the bed, to the kitchen & your Great Room.  The Great Room being the only room where you can take more than one step back and one step forward.  And there's definitely no hiding any mess.  Can you sense my tone ;) With my ever growing belly it became trickier and trickier to maneuver myself in and around the space especially in the kitchen and Oh Boy...that Ladder.  As the weeks went by and my baby grew ever larger that ladder and I became quite close friends.  Sleeping in a loft with your toilet downstairs and a baby on your bladder ~ I think I can honestly say I became a master of climbing & descending in the dark whilst rolling over my partner and dodging cats that enjoyed sitting on the steps.  I'm amazed that I left that home in one piece...kind of (you'll learn more on that as you read on)

Lets dive more into our Great Room Feng Shui.

Storage benches.  A folding table.  A cushion.

It might not seem like that much, but in a tiny space, any and all furniture seems large and out of proportion.  I suppose we needed Polly Pocket Furniture.  My hubby and I are both tall and so having enough space for a sofa that we could both lie on side by side never was practical…but I will say, I have always wanted an L shaped sofa, and I for sure had one!  Sofa for the Win!  That tiny table, was in fact at one point my sewing table, cutting table and artist work space.

Our Dresser.  Yes I have a boutique as a business.  Yes I still love fashion.  And yes, this dresser held all of my clothes (bar the ones that hung in probably what was meant to be a kitchen pantry cupboard).  It was essential for me to have a space to store my threads so for that I am grateful that this little dresser was built in to the design.  But I definitely would have preferred my Sofa to fit into that little space!  That's not to mention the drawers being stiff and hard to open and having to move all the living room furniture out of the way to be able to get dressed each day.

This Bathroom space was actually quite efficient until we discovered the house wasn’t level.  We had already attached gutters to the outside to collect rain water and if we made the house level  then we would have to reconstruct the gutters…The real reason it was quite the palava at the time was because during each shower we would have to slush with our feet the water into the drain so that it did not over flow from the shower basin. The shelf though was a life saver for storing all our toiletries - Storage is necessary!!

Into the Heart of the home ~ the Kitchen.  The cabinets most definitely must be intricately put together and incredibly thoughtful in design!  When the stove is in use there is near to no kitchen counter space and don't even get me started on a Lazy Susan.  Whoever invented that...I can understand the general concept of saving space.  But when your kitchen is essentially a corridor and your belly only allows you to move forward or reverse backwards and that one tupper wear falls off its shelf and blocks your Lazy Susan from opening, closing or rotating ~ It's definitely not a pretty sight to watch the process of fixing it.

Since I love to cook, we had to create our own spice rack and so this is what we came up with...Spices are piled up high.  Don't rock the house or you'll definitely cause chaos!

Now this loft.  Boy do I have one of the craziest memories of this loft.  Its not saucy, in fact its quite the opposite.  One night.  I was hot, because the tiny little windows barely helped to ventilate the heat that would rise and settle in this tiny crammed space, and so I fluffed the duvet with my foot.  In doing so I somehow half asleep half awake, forgot that I was less than 3 feet away from the ceiling and I kicked the ceiling.  And well yes, I kicked my big toe nail off ~ quite literally.  This is not a joke.  Although when I remind myself of how ridiculous of a story it is and how much pain I endured, I can hardly believe it and truly laugh as though it were a joke.  Anyhow.  In being so close to the ceiling I realized that it is not my preferred sleeping arrangements.

Back to the gutters.  We set up a catchment tank system to collect rain water to care for those lush plants in the walkway as well as the water for the Tiny House itself.  This was our Intro to Plumbing 101 and actually we were quite proud to have rigged up the Tiny with a water source.  We learned how to set up the pipes so we could finally wash dishes inside the house instead of trekking them across the farm by wheelbarrow to wash them in the communal sink that was ice cold.  Man Water in a house is everything.  I cannot express my gratitude to having running water in a home.  This is not something to take for granted.

With all that said, this house will be one of my most favored life experiences.  I can’t urge anyone and everyone enough to live in uncomfortable situations, in houses that push the boundaries of what you consider a Home.  Teaching you what you need in a home and what you don't.  After 5 months of living in a home with certain design elements that must have worked for the previous owner, I found myself learning more about what type of space I needed to live in.  Whilst living in a Tiny House is not for me, that is not to say that I am not still living Tiny.  Living in a self converted school bus is also a Tiny Home, but with a different format and completely our own.  We made it exactly how we needed it to be and that is the beauty of living tiny.  You can create the exact vision for a fraction of the cost and have it be much more manageable to keep clean.  

So Stay Tuned for a Future Blog Post sharing my thoughts on Living in a Self Converted School Bus.


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August 04, 2019

Hola Jasmina!!
Hace mucho tiempo que hos sigo!! Me encantais sois perfectos!! Me gusta la fuerza i la compenetracion que teneis todos!! Me supo mal de el bus tienda que lo tuvieras que dejar !era maravillosa..
Pero la casita con ruedas que teneis, es preciosa, i hos a quedado genial?
Nosotros estamos arreglando un mankat1 es una ilusion que tenemos i de momento sera para viajar por europa por tema de trabajo!! Pero algun dia daremos la vuelta al mundo!! Y a lo mejor nos vemos!! Jijiji!
Hos deseo que si gais asi!!
Y espero ansiosa videos vuestros…
Un abrazo de luz..
Desde Girona (España)


June 24, 2019

Thanks for a very honest view of tiny house living! Blessings

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