Blue Sage Smudge Stick

Blue sage, known also as "Grandmother Sage", is used for cleansing, purification, healing. A less pungent scent than the traditional White Sage, a soft, earthy tone will be a wonderful addition for your daily meditation or ritual practices.

Smudging creates a purifying smoke that clears away negative energy and remove unwanted spirits from your space. It' a great way to restore good vibes to your home.

Each bundle can be re-lit many times until gone.

Approx. 5" Long

How to Use:  Close your windows, light the stick, go around the house, moving your stick around letting the smoke flow freely.  Go around doors, cracks, corners and places that may hold stale energy.  Its always best to smudge after cleaning your space thoroughly to rid any dirt or old energies.  Before getting overly smokey, open your windows and let the fresh air move the smoke out of your home. 

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