Moon.Child ~ Juliana.Yasmine


I grew up in a multicultural family and was always traveling back and forth from England to the USA.  I started college at scad in Savannah, GA and transferred to finish my degree at Parsons Paris, France. 

After college I took some time to explore the world and traveled to Hawaii to Wwoof on an orchid farm.  I ended up buying myself a sewing machine and that's when my business began...I went to markets and sold my work.  I was beginning to understand the concept of a traveling boutique and discovering ways of presenting my work.  

I had amazing opportunities all along the way leading me to the Now, where I've built the Moon.Flower.Child brand to be more than just clothing.  A lifestyle brand!

Ive been on a lot of journeys, but this one is ever changing and a perfect tangible representation of who I am.  An artist, a maker, a creator and all in all an evolving Being.

Love & Light


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