Moon.Child ~ Juliana.Yasmine


Ever since i was little i always dreamt about having my own clothing line.  I grew up in a multicultural family and was always travelling back and forth from england to the usa.  i started college at scad in savannah, georgia and transferred to finish my degree at parsons paris, france.

after college i took some time to explore the world and travelled to hawaii to wwoof on an orchid farm.  i ended up buying myself a sewing machine and my post college sewing days began.  i went to markets with what few garments i had and was just begninning to understand the concept of travelling boutique to different events, locations and ways of presenting my work.  i had amazing opportunities to have a runway show in honolulu, oahu of my romantic hawaiian collection as well as a great opportunity to work with an amazing photographer sara anslow.

i have continued to build my brand and have grown to take part in many rumway shows around the world including, paris, honolulu, baltimore & raleigh.  Moon.flower.child now not only carries womens wear, but menswear, kidswear, mind & body products, home decor and accessories.

Currently im taking moon.flower.child on the festival path, where we walk barefooted, freely and beautifully among a family of brothers & sisters. 


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