About the Apiary

Buddha Bee Apiary practices kind bee keeping practices in our backyard in Durham, NC.  With a small family run 10 hive apiary we collect wax for lip balms and honey for those with a sweet tooth.

Justin Maness, the beekeeper does the leg work for the apiary.  From working in the mornings to the evenings hes always making sure that the hives are healthy and producing honey during the height of the season.  He started in 2014 and has grown our apiary from 1 to 10 hives over the course of 2 short years.  Justin is always willing to show, teach, learn and experience anything Bee related.  Both Justin & Juliana work together to get the logo design made, honey bottled and lip balm melted into containers.

Meanwhile Juliana takes care of the selling where we carry limited runs of our backyard honey which you can shop on the website, or on Meraki the Wandering.Boutique at the local pop up events in the Triangle & festivals around the East Coast