Herbal Perfume Workshop

Come together for a DIY Herbal Perfume Workshop hosted by Moon.Flower.Child at various locations.

During the 2 hour workshop you will learn more about the land and how you can incorporate Mother Nature into your self care products. Using natural ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle and beauty products that encourage your body to thrive.

By the end of the workshop you will go home with a custom blend created by You perfect to use on a daily basis as well as the knowledge of how to continue reproducing it for yourself in the future.

Music, fun in the sun & Flowers. Good smells and self Care.

All materials & clippings will be provided.

Can I hire Moon.Flower.Child to host a Private Birthday Event?
Yes.  We love private events.  As long as you have the space we will come to you to host the event with all the supplies you will need for your guests.
I am allergic to nuts, will that be a problem?
We use coconut oil as a carrier oil for the blends.  Its a great generic option for blends for those who have nut allergies.  You are also welcome to bring an oil that you know works for your body if coconut isn't an option.
Interested in hiring M.F.C for your workshop space - Feel free to Contact Us to get a workshop on the calendar. 
Stay Beautiful!

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