Makers supporting Makers

In this journey to expand and grow Moon.Flower.Child we have reached a point of leaping onto the next stepping stone of our journey.  Curating artisinal goods from makers that we love!  Being a maker of all kinds of goods, having gone to markets, vended online ~ doing the whole Thang, we know what it truly means to be a maker.  We want to take this opportunity to grow our collection of goods for our Moon.Children ~ YOU, but not over strain our making and production.  So that means sharing the work of others who have mastered their craft and are at the core of the maker world! 

Sharing emerging artists with you is a new found passion, where we are looking for unique, original and high quality made crafts & fine art.  Our world would not be what it is today if we didn't have the beauty that we are gifted with from artists and creators.  So with that said we are excited to announce the beginnings of this new path, sharing some of our new pieces made by other makers

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Are you an artist, or maker?

Do you have a story, a unique product, an emerging brand?  Are interested in having your goods sold with Moon.Flower.Child? feel free to get in touch to discuss more about the process. 

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