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Juliana Yasmine has found that she loves to share her knowledge of crafting and making with others, and offers a few services on top of being a seamstress by day!

<< Guidance Readings >>
Enter it into the world of Spirit to open yourself up to the great wisdom of the ancients, with the Shamans Oracle.  Help your self to find answers within your self to better understand your feelings and view worries, concerns or questions from an alternative angle or with reinforced conceptions that allow you to conqueror your path with balance & grace.
~ DIY Dreamcatchers ~
With the materials you need to make a dreamcatcher youll be shown all that you need to know to make a beautiful weaving of your choice in colour, shape and size
** Gypsy Paint **
A free form line art any where on your body...body art for gypsies <3  Hopefully soon to be offered in henna form <3
If your interested in having these services offered at a private event I would love to help you with a little Bohemian.Gypsy.Grooviness
... Please feel free to contact me via email on the Contact.Us. page ...

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