Tea Parties

With Big dreams for Moon.Flower.Child's future we have begun to occasionally incorporate community tea parties to our Pop Up Shops. 
After discovering Guisepi and his traveling bus where he hosts free tea parties, I have been completely inspired to incorporate his mission & vision into our Wandering.Boutique.
Traveling the land, this free tea house cultivates community, health, peace, sustainability, and genuine human interactions.
The tea bus is about connection – to strangers, to oneself, to the things we interact with. It is about sharing – knowledge, stories, and cups of tea. It is about following your passion – finding your strengths and interests, and figuring out how to cultivate and share them. The tea bus is about community.
After learning that how can you not want to be a part of his mission!  Here is how we can incorporate that into Moon.Flower.Child
Join us while we drink Kava & teas, both of which are hand brewed by Moon.Flower.Child.  For a simple donation your welcome to enjoy a cup and meet your neighbor for a genuine conversation and true opportunity to open up yourself to share with others.
Our Dream:
We hope to one day evolve into a brick & mortar space where you will be able to join us for a day shopping, lounging and being a part of our community.  When you join us for our tea parties your donation goes towards this dream of creating the space.
To know more about where we will be hosting our next tea party, be sure to sign up for our emails, follow our Instagram and check our Find the Bus page!
We are also posting events to our Facebook Page so be sure to Like us to know more about our next tea party we are hosting.
Love & Light!
Hope to see you at our next Tea Party