A Wandering Studio Bus

A Full Time Home Studio On Wheels

In 2019 my husband and I finally finished working on our 2nd bus conversion, this bus would be our full time home allowing us to travel across the USA.
When the original Wandering.Boutique broke down I was lost in direction until the concept of Wandering.Boutique became clearer in my mind.  The Wandering.Boutique is not just a space for people to shop, but the place where I make product, my studio, my work space Moon.Flower.Child's HQ.  So with that said I opened up a world of opportunity for myself to have a traveling work space.
The flexibility of working on the road allows me to continue thriving with my business as well as scoping out shops to add to my Stocklist as well as partner with other artists or businesses along the way.  I use our kitchen counter and breakfast nook as a desk and office space, a jewelers bench and creative counter...living in a small space means that every surface has multiple purposes.
Follow along our YouTube videos of Behind the Scenes of running the business, how product is made, where the business takes us and how we travel full time keeping the business afloat.

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