PRE ORDER ~ Magic of I ~ 2021 Astrological Planner


A new decade is upon us, a new method of organization and planning is at your fingertips.  This is your book to keep you connected to the cosmos, the universe, yourself and your daily routines making this year your best year yet!

With the earth under our feet, the stars above our heads, the sun beaming into our hearts, let us be one and present with the metamorphosis our plant is constantly going through to become what it will be in our future.

As above, so below, as within, so without.

The 2021 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. You do not need to know astrology to own this planner, but it is suitable for beginner to advanced astrologers.

Anyone with an interest in the moon and natural cycles can benefit from following the energies of each day and the elements that underpin our entire existence.


- Personal Birth Chart space
- Calendar features overview
- Cycle tracking & menstrual cycle phases and information
- Astro Bodies & Planetary Correspondences
- Void moon times
- 2021 Planetary Ephemeris

Planning & Tracking Features:

Optimum Times Life Guide™
2021 Intentions yearly planning work book
Monthly Goals + Intentions
Weekly Goals + Actionable Steps
Menstrual cycle tracking with the moon
Weekly 7 day planner
General holiday dates
2021 & 2022 Calendar
*NEW* Void moon times
*NEW* Cycle tracking & menstrual cycle phases and information

Astrological Features:

Full Monthly Astrology Calendar and Aspectarian
Weekly planner with aspects and moon movements
Month at a Glance (Sun signs, Moon signs + themes, important transits)
Moon Phases + Signs Calendar
2021 New Moon + Full Moon dates list
Monthly Full + New Moon Intentions Journal Pages
Planetary Movements and Retrogrades Visual Guide
Retrograde + Direst dates list
Voin moons + eclipses 
*NEW* 2021 Planetary EPHEMERIS

 Learning Features:

The Moon and it's Phases
Working with the elements of the moon
A full comprehensive Astrological Reference Guide
Teaching tool for beginners - feel and learn
Tracking tool for advance Astrologers
*NEW* Astro Bodies
*NEW* Planetary Correspondences


How To Guides
Timezone information
*NEW* Personal Birth chart space
*NEW* Calendar features overview
Beautifully illustrated throughout 
Lots of intention, magic and love
A Planner for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos

The planner itself physically:

A5, 256 pages
Holographic gold foil cover
Lush silk touch vegan leather
Printed on FSC sustainable paper
Guilded edges
2 ribbon placeholders
Elastic cover band
Inside back pocket

Currently Moon.Flower.Child only offers 1 version:

The Northern Hemisphere version standard timezone is PST (GMT-8).

Choose the version closest to your timezone and convert the times listed to your own.

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