Blossom Essences Set

essences are one of the primary remedies you will find within the apothecary

an essence is a gentle, yet powerful form of energetic or vibrational medicine. they are most commonly made with flowers/plants, but can also be made with trees, stones, & even environments. they help us to let go of restrictive patterns & can create lasting transformation

essences are potent vibrational remedies. they are meant to be taken in low-doses, as they are not directly acting on a physiological level but rather an emotional, energetic, & spiritual one.  We usually recommend 1-3 :drops: at a time
please note:
essences are *not* essential oils or perfumes. in fact, they have very little smell at all. instead, these are water-based, energetic preparations

they may be taken internally or used externally: play around with them, because of their intuitive nature, most people find the best way to use them is by experimenting


bee balm (Monarda didyma)
This essence helps us to sweep out our emotional baggage -- it cuts through the tangles, reaching to our depths & even the forgotten places within us: it acts like a broom for our emotional clutter & cobwebs. assists us in seeing patterns that do not serve us & helps us to resolve them. instills patience while we attempt to address & verbalize the emotional vortexes of our past
comfrey (Symphytum officinale)
An essence of speedy repair, growth, renewal, & abundance. this essence is great for when we have done a lot of healing work & need a little push to tie off loose ends of that transformation. it helps us to awaken to ourselves, especially if we have been in a long process of breaking from ingrained patterns or structures that no longer support us
jasmine (Jasminum officanalis)
This essence is extremely sensual, in fact, it is all about the senses: it brings a heightened awareness to each of the fives senses (smell, touch, sound, sight, & taste), allowing us to really explore & experience the depth of each in our world. in this way, it also brings us into the present moment, into the nowness. it helps us to be still, to really breathe in & to enjoy the moment: helping those who live in the past or in the possibilities of the future to "be here now." jasmine reminds us that from this place of presence, we can more easily connect with our greater knowing, our instincts, & ultimately, our path
pearly everlasting (Anaphalis maragaritaceae)
This essence is for veil dancers. it is a connector to the spirit realm: our ancestors, angels, & guides. lifts the veil between the worlds & strengthens our bond to the place beyond. bestows a crown of protection so that we may safely tap into our peripheral consciousness. made with deep veneration for the dead, for that which has passed, & as such pleased use this essence with respect & intention. using it on an altar makes a beautiful offering to the spirit world
violet (Viola odorata)
An essence all about gentle movement. like a soft nudge, it encourages us to keep going. especially helpful to dislodge any stagnancy/blockages that may be present which contribute to feelings of despondency, sluggishness, & vague depression. because of its affinity for the heart & our internal waterways, it helps us to open up & let our selves shine through. encourages us not to shrink, but to stand present & full in our lives. especially indicated for reflective & introverted types as well as those who are very sensitive or highly attuned---helps these personalities share without feeling afraid or drained. provides a cooling compress to our inner realms & a soothing hand for those who need it


These essences are not essential oils. rather they are a subtle yet potent form of energetic medicine. each bottle holds the energetic imprint or memory of a specific flower in brandy & water. these gentle remedies have profound effects on the spirit, emotional body, & on overall well-being. they are wonderful companions & are so unique to each individual.  incorporating essences into your day to day rhythms & rituals, will help to shift your inner landscape, providing a sense of serenity & will encourage a re-patterning of limiting perceptions

Each essence is bottled with 50% water + 50% brandy unless otherwise noted

Bottled to order with love & intention


Disclaimer:  We are not doctors, we do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. These essences were made by Moon by Moon Apothecary, an herbalist & energetic healer, offering support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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