Capricorn Framed Pendant

Handmade sterling silver pendant.
Silver matte finish with black oxidation.
Adjustable length (35cm max)
Hanging on wax cord.

Every unique piece of the collection is handmade by Katerina Rodopoulou.

Capricorn owes its name and symbol to the goat Amaltheia, who nourished the newly born Zeus with milk, in Crete. When she died, Zeus transformed her into a constellation, showing his gratitude. He also gave one of Amaltheia’s horns to the Nymphs Eliki and Cynosura, who took care of him when he was young. This gift was named “Amaltheia’s horn” or “horn of plenty”, and whoever possessed it could have anything they wished for.

Every product comes with a card with the product's very own story.

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