Gemini Swing Pendant

Gemini | Element- Air
The twins of Greek mythology Castor and Pollux are the sons of Leda and Zeus. They are also known by the name “Dioskouroi” (which translates into sons of Zeus). Zeus, in the form of a swan, seduced the Queen of Sparta into mating with him. After their union, two eggs hatched. Helen of Troy emerged from the first one and the twin boys from the other one. Dioskouroi were an example of loyalty, that is why Zeus rewarded them by turning them into a constellation, which symbolizes love and friendship.

Every unique piece of the collection is handmade by Katerina Rodopoulou.

Handmade adjustable sterling silver necklace.
Front side: silver matte finish.
Back side: black oxidation. (black patina)
You can wear both sides.
Adjustable length(35cm max) no clasp.
Hanging on wax cord.

Every product comes with a card with the product's very own story.

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