Ophiuchus Pendant

Handmade sterling silver pendant.
Adjustable length (35cm max)

Every unique piece of the collection is handmade by Katerina Rodopoulou.

Ophiuchus is the 13th ecliptic constellation. Although the sun passes through the constellation from November 30 to December 17. It is not consideredone of the zodiac signs. It is related with Apollo’s son, Asclepius, who had a snake-entwined staff, the symbol of medical science. Asclepius found a way to bring back the dead, by observing a snake bringing herbs to another snake. Pluto (God of the underworld) complained about Asclepius to Zeus, who tried unsuccessfully to punish him, so instead he struck him down with a thunder and Apollo turned him into a constellation.

Every product comes with a card with the product's very own story.

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